5 Great Vegetable Gardening Ideas That Will Grow Your Vegetables Fast!

vertical vegetable gardening ideas

5 Great Vegetable Gardening Ideas That Will Grow Your Vegetables Fast!

It’s no wonder that Vertical vegetable gardening ideas have become so popular: It greatly maximizes your yield. It minimizes the use of a limited amount of space while attending to your vegetables. Also, by using a vertical gardening system, you prevent yourself from getting all bent out of shape while tending to your garden.

Did you know that Vertical vegetable gardening ideas give you the opportunity to grow herbs in a multitude of heights? It also allows you to have more herbs around the home or office. How? By using vertical wall garden plants, which can grow as tall as 6 feet, you can enjoy having fresh herbs almost all year long. If you are a grower of herbs, and not a big fan of transplanting plants from one shelf to another, vertical wall garden plants are an excellent alternative.

Not only are vertical gardening plants great for herb gardens, but they are also good for fruits, too. If you plan on doing your own Vertical Gardening this summer, be sure to start with hearty perennial vines such as the gladioli, an easy plant to grow from seed. They will add flavor to your food without the trouble of blooming. Other Vertical Gardening ideas include building a trellis system along a wall for the best vegetables like strawberries.

Since the growing season for strawberries is a bit longer than a year round garden, a trellis will give you the advantage of growing your favorite vegetables year-round. In addition to trellis grapes, you can also build a trellis system for tomatoes and peppers. These plants will do well in the shade under a larger trellis. Other veggies you could grow from a trellis would be the basil and rocket, both of which are very hardy and can handle the moist soil found in most vegetable gardens.

A trellis, no matter what type of vegetable you are growing, adds height to any vegetable garden and provides privacy if desired. Be careful to use the proper type of hardware for the type of wine you want to build. If your trellis is going to be for herbs, be sure the bottom of the trellis has a hook in the top so you can hang the trellis strait, without it being crooked. For tomatoes, a small trellis works best. Horizontal garden trellises work well for the smaller varieties of tomatoes and can be made into a climbing structure that looks beautiful.

Another idea for gardening vegetables in the outdoors is using a container planter box. Container planters make it easy to plant seeds in, especially if you have a larger plot of land to work with. Most planter boxes are built with sides to help hold in moisture, but if your soil is extremely dry, you can always buy or make a simple drainage hole at the bottom of the planter box, just before the bottom edge of the box. Plant seeds in the drainage hole, water well, and pull the box off when the first sprouts appear.

A vertical gardenscape is another idea for creating a vegetable plot in the outdoors. This idea consists of a raised bed, usually made of wood, covered in a mesh netting for structural support. The bed is then topped off with a support structure, typically concrete, to create a vertical oasis. This vertical oasis is perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, strawberries, peppers, and cucumbers.

Vertical gardenscapes can also be created with a raised patio garden bed. A raised patio garden bed is like the design of a raised planting bed, but on a vertical plane. If you want a garden that is similar to a forest, installing a raised wooden trellis or wall garden with plants will give your garden a natural look. You’ll find this type of gardening is a great way to save money by not needing to buy your plants from a garden center, and with the large variety of plants you can grow, it will also be a great way to save space.