English Country Garden Design Ideas

Country garden design ideas are very beautiful and can enhance the beauty of your whole yard. You can do this by choosing a specific theme for your outdoor area. There are hundreds of options to choose from and they all make great country garden design ideas.

Birds, butterflies and other wildlife to add interest to your country garden design ideas. Attract birds, bees and butterflies by using the different types of flowers that you have in your area. Choose well-placed plants and bright colors for your outdoor country garden design ideas to represent your country style. An English country garden should always scream peace and natural. In making your English country garden design ideas, you want to include all the elements of nature into it.

One of the most popular elements in an English country garden is the use of flowering shrubs. Most people will think of the classic English garden, with its lawns of annuals and perennials. However, shrubs are extremely useful additions as well. They can be used to add texture, color and overall shape to your landscaping. Some of the most common shrubs in an English country garden are hollyhocks, forsythia, rue, serissa, Columbine and even freesia. These shrubs not only offer visual appeal, but they also provide useful nutrients for the soil.

Another idea that you can add to your English country garden design ideas is the use of landscapes. Sculptures such as rock walls, stone lions and marble sculptures can be used to accent your landscaping. Hardscapes work well with most types of soil and can help to conserve moisture in your yard. You can find many statues online or at a local retailer that specializes in landscape accents. statues are a perfect way to give character to your landscape, but they work best when they are placed in the middle of your yard rather than on the side.

Other ideas for landscaping an English country garden are to use natural materials such as wood. There are many different types of wood, you can choose from such as oak, maple, birch and pine. This type of material is very versatile, which means it can be incorporated into any type of landscaping. In addition, many people choose to blend natural materials with country style garden furniture such as wicker or iron. These materials can look worn down and exposed, but with a little bit of paint or staining, you can restore their former glory.

It is also important to add various accessories to your landscaping so you can create a modified environment. One idea is to purchase large statues that can be placed in either the center of your lawn or in various sections of your yard. Other small garden ideas include lighting fixtures, bird feeders or bird boxes, wreaths, small garden benches, flower pots, decorative stones, garden statues, and outdoor furnishings. These items will make your yard come to life and make your neighborhood look more like a little town.

Another great idea for landscaping an English country garden is to use ornamental hedges and flowers as accents. Hedges can be used to create waist high barriers that protect your flower beds from sunlight while also providing privacy. There are many different types of ornamental hedges and flowers to choose from, including Victorian, Oriental, Frucati, and Spanish hedges and flowers, English and French shags, braided hedges, and fruit trees.

Many people are surprised by the impact a few plants and some clever landscaping can have on their entire backyard garden. One plant that can dramatically change the appearance of your lawn and add color is the lilac, orchid. Other flowers that are also popular are the gardenia, the marigold, and the orchid. The classic English garden with all its plants and shrubs can look beautiful if you make the effort to put some careful thought into how you lay out your landscaping.