House plants tour easy indoor plants to purify the air

Got to know about these snack plants. They’re very poisonous. Watch out it might bite you. Are you recording? Haha no i’m just setting up the shot It might bite you. You can get this for $Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to be showing you all my house plants. I got quite a few of them recently just to like clean the air and make my house look cute So we’ll just start off right away, We’re going to start off with this one. This is called a snake plant. This is the first plant I got. Because as I was researching online and stuff, everyone were like “Get this plant because it’s so indestructible you can’t kill it” So far so good. Also what I learned from this one is that It doesn’t need a lot of light.

And on top of that it looks super cool. It’s just like these pretty leaves and they’re kind of striped light and dark green. and it gets up to a couple feet tall. Yeah, this is my first house plant and I really like it. Next we have my rubber plant! This is another low maintenance plant. In the winter time it only needs to be watered like once or twice a month. It can grow like 8 feet tall but that probably will take years and years. Even when they’re roots get really big they’re okay in small pots. Like I said they’re really low maintenance you don’t even have to worry about repotting them that often. And they’re just like a really cool looking plant. This one is my next one! It’s called a Hawaiian Schefflera. I think I’m pronouncing that wrong but I don’t know. You can look in the description box. to see the name of this one. But its Alex’s favorite because it just looks cool And I put it right here on my coffee table.

It’s like the perfect size for that. This one can’t be in direct sunlight. It looks like a mini palm tree and it feels really tropical. So this is my heart-leaf philodendron. It’s a really cute and tiny plant. The only thing is, this one is poisonous. If your cat or something eats a leaf it will probably make it throw up and get sick. So just be aware of that and maybe look into it before getting this plant if you have kids or pets But if you’re like me I don’t have any cats or kids and this is like so perfect in my house. on a shelf because it kind of grows out and down like a vine and it just looks really cute. This is my other philodendron. It’s a split-leaf philodendron. This one is also poisonous. but I think this is such a cool plant. and when you cut a leaf off of it, if you put it in the vase then it will last a really long time. This plant can’t be cold it will die. And it needs a big pot and also sunlight.

The more sunlight it gets, the bigger and fuller and faster it will grow. And these ones… these are my cactuses. And they-this one’s like almost dead. This one I think is doing okay. But the thing is, like, I got these in Arizona. And I wanted to like, bring a piece of Arizona up here. I left the cacti in the car overnight so they froze. But I’m trying to nurse them back to health. This one looks okay and this one is really cool. And cactuses, you don’t even need to water them hardly ever.

If you have cactus soil, that will really help it stay alive and I didn’t do that. I’m going to try to nurse these back to health I’ll let you know how it goes. Okay guys! that’s all the pants I have for you today. If you like these plants and you like house plants, give this video a thumbs up And comment what your favorite house plants are. Oh and also, I got all of these at my local nursery. I can’t really like give you the link to that, they don’t sell them online. So what i’m going to do is link the amazon version down in the description box below.

But i’m doing that with the disclaimer that I’ve never bought a plant off of amazon before. I don’t know how well they’ll do but if you guys do it let me know how it goes. And I’ll see you next week! BYE! It gets it’s name because the leaves are split. So Split-leaf philodendron. This is a philodendron, so it’s also poisonous. You’ve got to be very careful. You got to pot it perfectly. And after it’s potted you have to make sure it has lots of water in it.

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