How to – Easily plant flower seed for a beautiful garden


Have you ever wanted to transform an area in your yard from this to this?

And though it was too costly or hard to do? I’d like to show you how you can do this with very little effort and expense using the Grass Stitcher.

To plant a flower garden you have to buy potted plants which can get expensive. Then get down on your hand and knees to excavate and prepare the area you want to grow them in, dig the holes to plant the potted plants. Then you have to mulch the area to keep the weeds down, which marginally works. There always seems to be a lot of pesky weeds growing in and around the mulch anyway. So, yes, you’re right. It is a lot of work and expense.

Until now. There’s a much easier, and less expensive, method using the Grass Stitcher

All you need is flower seed, a non-selective herbicide and the Grass Stitcher. It’s easy. I’ll show you how. First, choose an area where you would rather have flowers, instead of grass, such as this fence area. This area is difficult to mow and trim, and really doesn’t look that great.

Grass Stitcher
Grass Stitcher

Outline the area you want the flowerbed with a spray can or some kind of marking device. Kill the grass inside the marked area using a non-selective herbicide, which is a herbicide that kills everything. There are a number of organic and non-organic products you can purchase to get this job done. Wait about two weeks after you kill the grass. Then get your handy Grass Stitcher and easily make perforations directly through the dead grass, leaving the dead grass in place. The unique perforations made by the Grass Stitcher are perfect for seed growth They’re extra wide with loose soil around the rim of the perforation. Spread your seed and thoroughly water in. The flower seeds will easily fall into the wide perforations. The loose soil will fall in and cover the seed for ideal seed growing conditions. And before you know it, the seedlings will be growing through the dead sod.

The dead sod is a fantastic base for the flower seedlings. It keeps the moisture in and the weeds out. The weeds won’t grow because the soil around the seedlings has not been disturbed. This prevents the sun from reaching the weed seeds and allowing them to grow. In a short time, your beautiful flower garden will begin to flourish. Here, you can see the sod layer still intact, continuing to work as a superior mulch covering, keeping the moisture in and the weeds out. The Grass Stitcher is ideal for planting any type of seed. Just stitch, seed and sprinkle for beautiful lawns and gardens..

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