5 Great Vegetable Gardening Ideas For Your Vertical Garden

The vertical vegetable garden is one of the most spectacular and rewarding vegetable gardening ideas that you could pursue. It offers several benefits that would definitely make it worthwhile in the long run. Not only is it a great way to grow your own vegetables, but it also allows you to reap the rewards of fresh produce without having to pick, wash, and store your produce. Your produce is also going to taste much better than it would if you grow your plants in a traditional garden. These are all very important things for anyone to know, so here are some great vegetable gardening ideas to get you started:

You will first need to have a relatively small space in which to try out these vertical vegetable gardening ideas. Even a modest plot of land will be too small for this type of gardening, so look for a piece of property that will be able to accommodate your garden. Also, keep in mind that these gardens will require a lot more care than those of a traditional garden. You will need to spend more time maintaining your crops and ensuring that they thrive. This can be very time consuming, but if you love gardening and have a passion for growing things, this could be a great opportunity for you to do just that.

One of the many vertical vegetable gardening ideas is to set up a vertical wall garden. This is a terrific way to bring the beautiful aromas of fresh herbs right into your home by creating a nice little herb garden space on the wall. This works best in indoor spaces, but it can be done outside as well if you have a nice patio area. Just make sure that you have plenty of light coming into your kitchen and that the herbs have plenty of sunlight.

Another one of the wonderful vertical vegetable gardening ideas is to grow herbs in pots. This allows you to move your garden around, providing some versatility to your outdoor space. Just remember that herbs only grow best in full sun, so make sure that you can provide this for them. Also remember that pots must have good drainage and they should be made out of glass. You want to be able to see your herbs through the clear glass, so choose a pot with a hole in the bottom.

A third of many vertical vegetable gardening ideas is to plant strawberries in trellis planters. A trellis planter is like a large wicker basket that is designed to house strawberries. It can be suspended from a hook on the wall or you can place it straight on the ground. It can be made from metal or plastic and trellis planters are usually made from wood. If you are looking for a unique plant that has a unique shape, trellis planters are perfect for this.

If you love planting and eating strawberries, why not try planting blackberries? This can be an easy way to incorporate a new plant into your garden without having to do any extra work. The plant will thrive in full sun and the flowers will start to come up before you know it. Since strawberries are so popular, the chances of getting one of these are quite small. This is one of the easiest vegetables to take care of, so make sure you take the time to learn about planting and how to keep them healthy.

If you love hanging baskets, you might want to consider using them as a place to plant some vegetables. If you are not sure where to hang your baskets, then there are plenty of different options that you can use. For example, you could go with the classically themed hanging basket planter that has a basket that hangs straight down from the ceiling. This is perfect for a garden that has an arch theme because it will look great against the trellis or gazebo that you are building. On the other hand, if you are hanging your baskets in a different place, such as along the walkway, then you might want to consider choosing a basket planter that has a unique shape that will compliment the overall look of your garden. You can also purchase planters that have an arch to them, which is an excellent choice for hanging baskets as well as pots and other types of containers.

Vertical gardening is a great way to get more vegetables out of your space at home. Since you don’t have to climb up and down ladders or scaffolds, you will find that it is easier and more comfortable to be out in the open while tending to your plants. It is also better for the environment because you aren’t spraying pesticides or any other chemicals in the air. If you love planting in big pots, then this is a great way to have the same area for gardening and be able to move the pots around whenever you need to. When you choose a vertical planter, then you will find that you will be able to grow many types of fresh herbs in the spaces that you have no matter what type of container you have.