Back yard Vegetable Gardening Ideas – How to Start a Garden

backyard vegetable gardening ideas
backyard vegetable gardening ideas

Backyard vegetable gardening is an exciting pastime for individuals with children or in general. By not spending a lot of money on seeds and plants, or just having a back yard that may be utilized as a garden, it is a viable way to enjoy fresh vegetables year round.

backyard vegetable gardening ideas

Whether you plan to plant seeds or use a seed starter kit for seeds, there are many things to bear in mind when gardening at the beginning of a simple fall season. In actuality, a certain amount of planning and preparation prior to getting started can go a long way. You should give yourself plenty of time to get the garden up and running and to plan a program to get the veggies harvested each year.

The first thing you’ll need is a garden plot or garden bed where you can start growing vegetables. You will most likely find that a bigger plot gives you more room, but if you’re limited, a smaller one will do.

A popular idea is to dig a hole and put the seed in a well prepared seed kit. Not only does this let you start early in the growing season, but it also has less risk of weed infestation. Seed kits have containers and compost. It is a safe way to begin.

The next step is to prepare the garden soil with a simple seed mix. If you are using pre-harvested seed kits, you can do this yourself with a good mixture of alfalfa meal and pinto beans. The seed mix needs to be given some time to thicken and settle to the bottom of the seed package. You might need to do this several times before the soil is loose enough to be easily transferred.

Once the soil is ready, you might want a tiller or manual digging tool ready to dig out the ground. You’ll need to work carefully so as to not harm the soil round the garden bed. Some varieties of beans need to be dug in deeper than others so make sure you know which ones will need to be dug in deeper.

Next you might want to dig a hole big enough to accommodate the seeds you will be planting. If your garden bed is shallow, then consider digging over 1 hole to keep the mattress from being overstocked. Most garden beds are one foot deep. Despite the fact that planting the seed can take place in a hole that is deeper than one foot, if you intend to have a vegetable garden which needs heavy pruning, you may have to have more depth than one foot.

After the seed bed is dug, you may wish to fill it with compost or other garden dirt to make the garden bed you may use. While the garden bed has been prepared, you might want to select some well prepared and ready to plant seeds. These can be purchased from any garden store. Make sure you buy the right size and color so you won’t be disappointed.

Soil is put into the hole and covered with a layer of paper. This will help to keep any water or mud that may cause the seed to rot. Next you will use your tiller to dig up the soil around the seed and plant them. The plant is ready once the seed is fully covered with soil.

Gardeners sometimes find it useful to look at making a plan before planting in the garden. A fantastic gardening plan will allow you to make the appropriate decisions. Many of these plans have additional ideas which are useful for areas of the garden you haven’t grown before.

Backyard vegetable gardening is one of the easiest ways to enjoy fresh vegetables year round. Planting seeds before the weather gets too cold or wet is always a good idea.


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