Caring For Hard To Kill House Plants

Hard to kill houseplants are as beautiful as nearly any other plant, except for the ones that don’t seem to do quite as well as others. There are quite a few different types of hard to kill houseplants that you might consider. Most of these have gorgeous flowers and foliage, but some of them just don’t do quite as well as others. These plants may live in many environments and are quite resilient. They are pretty tough and can handle most conditions.

If you want plants that are going to do well in your home environment, you need to take time to care for them properly. They will thrive just as well with proper caring, but some are much easier to care for than others. The easiest plants to take care of are those that don’t need much attention at all. Others have to be taken care of, especially if they are going to grow. These include African violets, geraniums, liatris, and roses.

Many plants that don’t need much attention can be cared for through the seasons in the yard. Geraniums should be planted in a shady area with plenty of sunlight throughout the day. The soil should be moist but not soggy. When the temperatures start to change in the springtime, give geraniums full sun and water frequently. By springtime, the leaves should be turning golden and the color should be very pleasant.

Some hard to kill house plants that love full sun include tulips, hydrangeas, and daffodils. These plants should be planted in pots in the center of a shaded area, but you do want to make sure they get plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day. You should also check the soil regularly and fertilize if needed. Be careful not to overdo the fertilization, because the soil should have ample nutrients for the plants as well. If you are caring for tulips or other plants, you might consider buying an inexpensive indoor house plant mister and misting them every couple of days.

Plants that love the shade will need less water, but you do have to watch them. When you see the leaves starting to turn colors, it’s time to water. However, don’t water for long periods of time because they could eventually rot. If you’re trying to grow succulents or other plants, you should water less often and give them some extra water in the winter. The leaves will soon turn green again.

Some hard to kill house plants that like a lot of sun include pothos, which get their name from the Latin word for dried up grass. These plants are best planted in a raised bed. However, if you are able to, plant them in the fall, after the first frost. When it’s warm enough outside for planting them in the fall, you can place a couple of pots on the ground around the pothos. Just remember that the leaves of the photos will turn red and look a little crumbly when they are next watered.

If you want to care for schefflera, which is a Mediterranean shrub, you’ll also need to be aware of watering. Unlike most plants, schefflera needs to be deeply rooted to survive. So if you are caring for a container garden, you will probably want to give it a bigger container to allow it room to spread out. During the summer, the soil may become too dry for the schefflera and it may drop its leaves. To avoid losing too many leaves, it is important to water these plants just about once each day during the summer.

Other hardy succulents such as milkweed and skills can survive on a little bit of liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. In addition, your watering can become a problem at this time so make sure you have plenty of water on hand. Even though they may require more water than other plants, they can withstand more watering. Be sure to check your moisture meter at least once a week for these plants.