How To Plant Your Garden Seedlings

Garden art allows you to place what you want, where you want to enhance the appeal of your home. Today’s pergola designs are one of the simplest and most effective ways to add the relation of your patio.

We’ve moved several times, in both good housing markets and in tough ones. Every home sold more quickly after being staged to feature the best assets. We’ve also used a professional home stager to help us with the home we currently own, in order to showcase its best assets. Some staging tips we used from her and some we created ourselves. Here’s what works well, according to what we learned firsthand.

Choose the location where you will plant your clematis carefully as they dislike transplanting. A spot with rich, compost amended soil is preferred. Clematis plants should be at least 2 feet apart. Although a few clematis varieties will bloom in partial shade, most prefer full sun locations, at least for the top part of the plant. Clematis like their roots to be shaded so that the soil stays cool, and their tops in the sun. Gardeners can accommodate this preference by planting perennials such as ferns, daylilies, sun tolerant hosta or heuchera or other plants at their feet. If that is not practical use deep mulch around them.

To screen an unsightly area. There may be areas in your garden which you do not want to see. A compost heap, pool pump, gas bottles, refuse bins, whatever. These can be easily obscured with a trellis, be it free standing or bolted to a wall. A gate can easily be attached to deny access to children or dogs. Plant an attractive flowering creeper to turn an unsightly area into an inexpensive and easy to maintain flowering wall.

Corkscrew vines can be a great suggestion if you are looking for that are not daring. The flowers of this particular type of vines have a unique shape, tiny size and varieties of colors.

#2 Think carefully about where you want to locate your structure. Away from the house would be better if you want a retreat, closer to the house if you want to use your pergola for eating and entertaining. And take into consideration sun and wind direction.

Tony and I both grew up in the Southeast. We have been corporate gypsies landing in Raleigh, NC, Portland, OR, and Boston, MA. When Tony received an offer from Dell, we couldn’t wait to get back to the South and found Austin to be everything we were looking for with the weather, people, and lifestyle. We gave away our snow shovels and made a commitment to a better life outdoors. We agreed that the backyard was our favorite place and we were lucky that it was a “blank slate”.

Vines can be a good addition to your house decoration. Check out the nearest shop where you can buy vines you can plant at your own home. It is the most unique way of putting nature back to your house.
It’s a no brainer that we need to have some plants. We have been corporate gypsies landing in Raleigh, NC, Portland, OR, and Boston, MA. It is a good thing we are faced with so many choices when we decide to fence our property.
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