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I’m always planning how my garden will look better next season and I suppose most of you do the same. Gently color in your garden plot with the predominate colors of your existing garden. Certainly if the reason you’re moving is to get more space.

The thought of homeschooling in the summer can send some parents and students into a tailspin. Isn’t schooling meant for just the school year? Just because you’re not reading a textbook doesn’t mean you’re not learning.

Nurseries do differ in what and how they ship so make sure you do some research, but almost all reputable mail order nurseries do guarantee their plants to grow or your money back. I’ve never had trouble collecting on that promise and I have used it a time or two for certain plants. I also admit, a bit grudgingly as a then new gardener, that I should never have ordered those specific plants for my climate. Nevertheless the nursery did stand behind it’s guarantee.

Invasinators at Anita Leight Estuary; 2-4 p.m. Learn why non-native, invasive plants are a threat to our ecosystem and how to identify problem plants. Become part of a volunteer group involved in removal and restoration efforts. Wear sturdy shoes, long sleeves, and work gloves. Be ready for field work in the reserve each meeting date. Receive an “Invasinators” t-shirt after attending two sessions. For ages 14-adult. To register, call 410-612-1688.

For ornamental purposes you can include a small stone pagoda statue and even a likeness of a large bell that Buddhists use to meditate. Having a bench to sit on along the water or under a tree is also appropriate. You’ll need to make a path of mulch, stone, or just compacted dirt to connect both ends of the bridge for walking.

If you want squash, you have to know what type of squash you want. When you add this to your vegetable, you have to consider that most of the squash plants that you get are going to sprawl out when they grow. They could go anywhere. This also happens with other plants like cucumbers and pumpkins. Each can yield many vegetables so you should never plant more than you can eat unless you can give some away or plan to sell some from your yard or at a farmer’s market.

White Elephant Bingo at the Highland Presbyterian Church in Street; 7 p.m. Bring a slightly used gift wrapped and marked for a man, woman, or child. Call 410-452-9394.

Set up a budget for the project after you find out how much it is going to cost to finish the project. The expected expenditure should include both softscape and hardscape items such as plants and trees, walls, fountains and rockeries.

5) Amount of direct sunlight the lawn surface receives- This aspect is not a must but can have some degree of effect. You just have to look for the path of sun travel in your local area. Where does direct sunlight come from in your garden. As the day passes away the degree and intensity of sunlight changes. Does your lawn remain in shade all the times of the day? This can happen if the sunlight is getting obstructed by tall trees or even home building structure.
These features can be a fish pond, garden walling, or paved area. Although it may not be homeschooling in the summer, they can learn a tremendous amount about many subject areas. Again, you can make it as long as you want it to be.
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